Born 1976 in Tehran, Iran
Lives and works in New York, USA


Sara Rahbar pursued an interdisciplinary study program in New York and also studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and design in London. 


She left her birthplace during the period of immense upheaval that followed the revolution in Iran and the start of the Iran-Iraq war. 


These experiences deeply influenced and shaped her understanding of the world. The absurdity of organized religion, deception of political regulations, inhumane cruelty towards mankind and animals, molded her into an artist and an activist.


As a contemporary mixed media artist, her work ranges from photography to sculpture to installation, all of which reveal and transform the artist’s personal experiences and are intimately autobiographical.  While her initial practice explored more autobiographical ideas of national belonging, her current practice has evolved to address issues of the human condition on a broader-scale. 


Rahbar has exhibited widely in art institutions including but not limited to Queensland Museum, Sharjah Art foundation, Venice Biennial, The Centre Pompidou and Mannheimer Kunstverein, and her works are included in the permanent collections of the British Museum, The Centre Pompidou, Queensland Art Gallery, The Davis Museum at Wellesley College, and the Sharjah Art Foundation amongst others.